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  • 新年英语小学生优秀作文
    发布时间:2020-09-13 18:45




    spring festivel is a special chinese festivel. everyone like spring festivel. why? because everyone have a long holiday. people don‘ go to work. everyone can sleep to nine o‘clock.

    every chlidren also like spring festival. why? because. every chlidren don‘t go to school. every chlidren have many money. every people have many new cloths. duration in spring festivel every people eat dumplings.

    we have story for spring festivel. longlong ago. a beast named nian. he is very bed. every year he always eat many people and animal.

    at lost many people kill the beast. so we are commemorate this day.


    Today is the beginning of seven, I went to town with cousin, the Zhuo flag hill of watching a wonderful acrobatic Festival " to celebrate Chinese New year ".

    We arrived, to find a show place, find a place to sit down, and then patiently waited for the show to start.

    " The beginning of the show ", do not know who is shouting. We immediately back to god.

    The first program is, little monkey riding old goat go rope. I saw the old goat carrying small monkey step by step on the rope, hey, too. Is really amazing! The next program is more splendid! For example: wire walking, the tiger jumped the ring of fire, lions and tigers, bears swing across the beauty slip exercise, air swing ... ... And this " new acrobatic show" the protagonist is mainly animal.

    This " new acrobatic show" is really meaningful!


    A new year ,a new start, when I stand on the edge of the a new year, I cant help thinking about my plan of next year. Just as the old saying:Well began is the half of the success.

    So I decide that I should be at work while the others are still relaxing ,and then ,at the beginning ,Im quicker than the others and of course I will get better result than the others.

    But ,what I really decide to do is that I must make good of anytime I can spare though it seems impossible. While, I will do my best to live up with what I have planned, and the result will prove it.

    the 现当代文学作品 未来的家乡作文 五年级下册作文
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