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    Private car


    1)Advantages of owning a private car.

    2)Disadvantages of owning a private car.

    3)Should it be necessary to enlarge the private car market? Why or why not?

    Nowadays, any Chinese can enjoy the luxury of owning a private car - if he or she can afford it. Having a car of your own means no more traveling to work on crowded buses or subway trains, and you can drop off the children at school on the way. Moreover, it also means that you can enjoy the weekends and holidays better, because with a car you can go to places where the regular buses and trains do not go, and so you can find a quiet scenic spot with no crowds.

    However, there are drawbacks to owning a car. For one thing, with the increase in car ownership in recent years, the roads are becoming more and more crowded, often making the journey to work more of a nightmare than a dream. For another, it is not cheap to run a car, as the prices of gasoline and repairs are constantly rising, not to mention the prices you have to pay for a licence and insurance coverage.

    Having considered both sides of the argument, I have come to the conclusion that the advantages of owning a car outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, it seems to me that China should increase its output of automobiles and enlarge the private car market. The result would be that cars would become cheaper, while at the same time the extra demand would encourage the auto industry to produce more efficient and family-oriented vehicles.

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