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    人际关系和情感态度Relationship and Emotional Attitude



    As students born after 1990, we have so many advantages. We are usually kind and helpful. When someone is in trouble, we always give him or her a hand. We are also active. We like to do sports and go traveling. Most of us can work hard in class and play happily after school. Besides, we are imaginative and creative. We always try something new and do everything differently.

    On the other hand, we also have some disadvantages. Sometimes we can’t express our opinions in proper ways; sometimes we are a little over confident. And many students have no brothers or sisters, so they may do evthing for themselves. These problems may make us seem impolite, even we can’t communicate with others well. So it’s the most important for us to learn how to get on well with others.

    五年级下册作文 挫折作文 we 关于习惯的作文
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