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    The New Year is coming and I have good wishes for the coming year. Firstly, I hope my families will be happy and in good health. I want my father has more free time to company my mother and I. I don't want him work so hard all the time. Secondly, I wish myself can have a good year and do well in my study. Study is my priority now and I hope I can work hard and make progress. Finally, I want a new computer for my study and enjoyment. As I learn more in school, a computer is necessary. When I am free, I want to play computer games or search the Internet. I think my father would buy it for me. What are your wishes for next year?


    The new year is coming!Now,it's the time to make plans for the new year.Here is what I will do: 1.I will get better grades.I'm good at English and Chinese, but I need to improve in my Math.I'll study better! 2.I will break my bad habits.I often get up very very late. To get early is good for my health. So I'll get up earlier than usual. 3.I will eat better.Ioften eat a lot of junk food. They are not good for my health.I should eat more fruits and vegetables.Theu will make my body healthier and stronger. This year was a good year for me,but Ican make next year even better.I'll work hard to keep my resolutions What are your plans for the new year? Whih best wishes for the new year.


    三年级上册作文 is 初中语文作文 挫折作文 my 关于变化的作文
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